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Adjunct Faculty at WWU in 2006 University roles index

In the fall of 2005, Bob got a contract assignment: process engineering study in Bellingham, WA on modifications required for BP Cherry Point refinery to process Canadian extra-heavy crudes. Since he was there alone on "bachelor status", made good use of his spare time by offering to teach courses at Western Washington University using my career GIS and planning skills.

These were both in the "Urban Planning and Sustainable Development" department within Huxley College of the Environment. One was an "Introduction to Planning" course on behalf of Nick Zaferastos who was going on sabbatical. The other was an "Advanced GIS" 400-level class, working in groups on selected topics.

Bob split their EGEO-452 "Advanced GIS" students into two separate topics. One team created a decade-by-decade timeline map of development around the Bellingham Harbor, with clickable map-links to maps, historic photos and text about buildings, some now long gone.

The second was a larger group of several teams working on a study for a proposed town center for Birch Bay, a coastal tourism and retiree village near the Canadian border. Whatcom County Planning & Development were impressed enough by this study to feature it on their website.

Right before he was due to go back to Texas in summer 2006, a tempting opportunity arose. The governor of Washington had secured funding for a new graduate Institute at WWU, and he was invited to apply to head it up. The idea was tempting, but had been gone from family many months already, and was not quite ready - at that time - to go back fulltime into academic life far from them, while we still had responsibility of aging parents to take care of.

Bob is so glad to see what became the Resilience Institute looks to now be well-established, facilitating "scholarship, education, and practice on reducing social and physical vulnerability to natural hazards through sustainable community development"planning and regional coordination.