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Training Industry Staff,
Academic Faculty Role
Throughout his career, Bob has held responsibilities for orientation of new engineers, managers and technical staff. During onsite assignments he conducts pre-commissioning training for operations and maintenance staff. He has also been consistently chosen to chose and assign mini-projects for summer interns, for mutual benefit of the firms and the interns. Narrative below weaves his academic and training roles into a chronology.

Bob's undergraduate degree is in Chemical and Materials Engineering at University of Auckland, a member of the founding class. He worked three summers as an intern: for N.Z. Roads, for North Broken Hill Ltd., and for Shell Oil in Geelong, VA. After graduating with Honours, Bob was industrially sponsored for a Ph.D. in "Expert Systems in Steelmaking" part-time, while teaching at University of Auckland.

Bob migrated to USA in 1972, then was invited urgently back to NZ in 1983 to become a Senior Lecturer for "Process Design" and "Process Analysis and Economics". His predecessor had been seconded to Shell's NZ Refining Company to deal with an urgent $1 billion upgrade project precipitated by Iran-Iraq war in the '80s

Bob served on Auckland University's Engineering School curriculum redesign, designed and built a six-station "Computer-Based Training" lab for process design, served on campus-wide technology committee, and taught Materials Engineering to the Skipper who took the America's Cup from USA!

In 1985 Mobil asked the University Chancellor to release him to mentor new engineers for the commissioning of N.Z. SynFuel. In 1990 Bob transferred to Mobil R&D Corp in Princeton where his role included mentoring co-op Drexel interns. He trained staff globally on Mobil "Crude Oil Assays" software in 1992, in "GENIE" best practices tools for EH&S 1996-1997, and Korea Gas engineers on API, ASME and ASTM design codes in 1997.

In 2002 American University appointed him as a " Researcher-in-Residence", principally to set up GIS bench strength at the Faculty and graduate program level through AU's "Center for Teaching Excellence". He helped co-write plans for PSM (Professional Sciences Masters) program in 2003 which won Sloan Foundation funding, hosted Professional MS briefings, and featured on their brochure cover.

In 2003 and 2004 he was summer technology advisor to the School of Public Service in DC for 40 top high school students from across the US wanting to pursue a career in public service. Spring 2006 he was adjunct at Western Washington University, taught Introduction to Planning plus a GIS course including the Birch Bay town center study, photo-map history of Bellingham harbor.

In 2008 he was invited to provide peer review to Rice University's Chemical Engineering Design Project re-accreditation.

Chronological Highlights of Academic Record