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Storage Layout, Design, Permits and Regulation

2009–2010    TurkmenGaz South Yoloten Gas Field
Worked with Engineering, Project and Client to optimize storage requirements for solid sulphur. Developed flexible concept that maximized storage in molten form plus seven days storage in silos that went to bagging/loading of pelletized sulphur without need for bulk solid pellet storage.

2005-2006       BP Refinery, Cherry Point, WA
In p
rocess options study for Canadian extra heavy crude oil, reviewed on-site vs. pipeline terminal storage options for product movements by ship and/or pipeline. This included strategy for partial vs. total turnarounds, batching product through shared pipeline, feasible blendstock storage requirements for summer/winter and different grades.

1998-2005       Environmental Protection Agency
As internal consultant to DynCorp – later CSC - supported the EPA Oil Spill program. This included development of an intranet GIS inventory of tank capacities at risk from flood or sabotage. Was expert reviewer of technical guidance to P.E’s in their development and oversight of a client SPCC plan. In the Emission Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP) worked with EPA air specialists at Research Triangle Park to  complete EIIP manuals for many industries, including storage/distribution for oil & gas, refined fuels, specialty chems.

1993-1995       Mobil R&D Corporation
Chaired API’s
MACT subcommittee for storage tanks, on external seal / internal floater design options for reducing emissions for promulgated Refinery, Distribution and Marine Loading MACT rules. Affirmed technical feasibility of upgrading BACT facilities for ambient and refrigerated loading arms, vapor recovery systems.

1980   Exxon Chemical Propylene Storage
Design of storage facility for six propylene bullets and transfer system controls in West Baton Rouge

1979 – 1981     Independent Liquid Terminals Association
•    Active associate member in association meetings, sharing advice on storage terminal design
•    Presented papers on tank truck  loading/unloading vapor recovery to different  types of tank.

1977 – 1981     PetroUnited Terminals, Bayport & Texas City
      •    Master-planning for specialty chemical storage, marine and rail loading and unloading
      •    Led the detailed design of 100,000 bbl butadiene storage tank at atmospheric pressure.

1976 – 1978     Intercontinental Terminals, Deer Park
      •    Did refrigeration requirements, storage system design of four 65 ft diam butadiene spheres
     •    Did permitting and layout for an 18-bay loading rack for gasoline tankers deliveries by road.

1974 –1975      Stinnes Chemicals, Texas
  Redesigned their drumming and drum loading operations to comply with SPCC requirements.