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Facility Siting
& MasterPlans

Shetland Gas Plant for TOTAL E&P UK
Supervised acoustic modeling and analysis to ensure impact to nearby housing was within acceptable local laws, and within the site that speaker placement ensured intelligible speech against noise of large rotating equipment.

TurkmenGaz South Yoloten Gas Field
Integrated satellite imagery, GPS routes and CAD into seamless maps to plan land allocation, safety protection buffer zones for existing roads, rail, rivers and local villages.

2007 Odoptu First Stage Processing, Sakhalin, Russia

Ensured that process facilities access for firefighting and building personnel evacuation met both Russian regulations and western norms. Provided criteria, building volumes and architectural specifications for blast analyses and noise prediction for operating personnel and fence-line mandates.

2007 ADMA-OpCo Habshan Alpha Platform</span>
Led PHAST analysis for jet fire to determine inter-platform spacing and thus connecting bridge/pipe rack.

Did dispersion analysis for H2S from emergency vent to determine height of vent line above operations.

2006 BP Cherry Point Refinery
Reviewed API Recommended Practices 752 and draft RP-753 for process and portable buildings in planning for an expansion to handle Canadian extra heavy crude oil. Proposed a strategy for new administrative buildings to go to the outer perimeter in place of parking, and to eliminate operator shelters / sampling buildings within units. 

1995-1998 Mobil Global Professional Services
As part of GENIE global HSE best practices project across divisions, collaborated on developing a common set of criteria for planning new facilities in terms of fire & explosion, toxics, spill containment ,unit separation & access.

1993 Mobil Torrance Refinery
Took part in safety audit of proposed water curtain spray system in event of any HF leak from alkylation unit close to nearby homes. Ultimately won acceptance when tied to real-time alert/evacuation call to emergency response.

1985-1990 N Z SynFuel
Worked with consortium of New Zealand environmental firms to audit - after startup - fence-line noise and wastewater discharge. We dealt with noise exceedance on one side by relocating a farmer’s house back 400 yards from the road. The wastewater quality was proven to be significantly lower in suspended solids and no increase in heavy metals. For cultural reasons the discharge was moved from direct ocean discharge to the mouth of the nearest river – the Maori have the same restrictions with shellfish as is found in the Old Testament. The science behind this is that a river is a natural constant source of heavy metals at its mouth, so all treated wastewater discharges are consolidated there.

1977 - 1978 PetroUnited Terminals, Bayport
Master-planning and air permits for 76-acre specialty chemical storage, marine and rail loading and unloading