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Design of Refineries 
& Chemicals Plants

2009    Borger Gasoline Benzene Reduction
GBR federally-mandated reduction – WRB chose to also do major efficiency upgrade. Bob was Systems area Lead for light ends distillation section including P&IDS, datasheets, PHA closure.

2008    Ras Tanura Integrated Project
RTIP is a grass-roots petrochemical joint venture between Dow and Saudi Aramco. Bob set up smart tools for Interfaces between infrastructure (pipe, civil, cables etc), Licensors and Offsites/ Utilities/Power systems

2007    Marathon Garyville Major Expansion
$3+ billion GME addition provides heavy oil processing alongside existing Garyville Refinery. Bob led P&IDs for Kerosene Hydrotreater and Hydrocracker through to Issue for Design, plus Specialty Piping items.

2006    Yorktown Refinery Low-Sulfur Gasoline
Giant Refinery needed Clean Fuels-mandated diesel and gasoline sulfur reduction. Bob did design & procurement for SO2 scrubber, packaged cooling tower, off-sites HAZOP, flaring analyses.

2005    BP Cherry Point eXtra Heavy Crude Oil
BP was evaluating three US refineries near the Canadian border. Bob was in study team for Cherry Point. He did steam/water/fuel/power balances, coker capacity evaluations, specs for merchant H2 and flare options.

1995    API Refinery MACT Regulations
Bob served on API Committee reviewing proposed regulation, chaired Storage Tank committee, worked with EPA for more accurate emissions estimates. Wote training material used by EPA Refinery MACT workshops

1992    Mobil Refinery Process Advisories
Bob supervised an MRDC Princeton team in developing/calibrating monitoring & optimization tools for catalytic processes in all Mobil refineries, using real-time data gathered from Process and Lab computer systems

1985–1990    New Zealand Synthetic Fuels
NZ SynFuel was a $1.2 billion Natural Gas – Methanol – Gasoline project. Bob trained the first intake of nine unit engineers, worked on acceptance tests of all O&U facilities, then debottlenecked the twin reformers.

1978    Ergon Refinery Expansion
Bob did process simulation, rating, equipment specification, data sheets, equipment layout and P&ID development. His role beyond process design for this expansion included setting up control systems parameters prior to startup.

1977    Gladieux Refinery Revamp
Revamp enabled Gladieux to produce military grade JP4. In addition to process design, Bob’s role onsite was expediting and logistics for critical equipment, night coordinator in control room during refinery startup.

1975    Merichem Cresylate Springing
Merichem had been using H2S as an acid gas in their process – decided to switch to safer CO2. Bob did site data gathering of samples and process conditions, developed a mass-balance for new process design