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Bob Andrew:  Professional & Civic References

Employers - Managers & Peers

2015-now Hydrocarbon Processing, Lee Nichols, Editor for HP 713-520-4484
2014-2015 Petrofac, Steve Couch, now retired 281-787-9384
2012-2013 Petrofac, Wayne Potter, now Viking Project Execution 281-705-8757
2011-2012 Petrofac, Geoff Nesbitt, Tech. Strategy, now Verditek (based in UAE)
2009-2010 Petrofac, Andrew Shaw, now Eng. Mgr at CB&I 713-808-5798
2008-2009 KBR, John Heidman, Project Manager 713-753-7528
2007-2008 Fluor, Shemetre Richmond, HSE, Sugarland 281-263-4779
2006-2007 Ingenious, Dr. Bharat Kamdar, President 832-242-2499
2005-2006 I-T Network at Anvil, Sally Kernan, Owner 877-412-6845
2002-2005 CSC, Bill Zobel, Director of Science & Engin'rg 703-461-2432
2001-2002 ICF Consulting, Kris Guido, Human Resources 703-934-3000
1998-2000 DynCorp Systems & Services, Richard Thacker 703-264-9103
1995-1997 Mobil Global Professional Services, Robert Esser 703-846-1666

Small Project & Research Experience
(see also large Projects experience)
2001-05 Geospatial Information Systems Dennis Crow, USDA & HUD 202-720-4721
2003-04 Int'l. Institute of Health Promotion A.U. Professor Bob Karch 202-885-6275
2002-03 St. Alban School of Public Service Mary Ann Waikart, Director 202-537-6438
2002-03 Sloan Professional M.S. Proposal Larry Medsker, Assoc. Dean 202-664-3306
2002 DC “Street Tree” Inventory Barbara Deutsch, Programs 202-833-4010
2001-02 GIS Architect, US DOJ Civil Rights Mario Lopez-Gomez 202-616-3971
1998-00 Websites & Collaboration for EPA William Zobel, P.E. 703-461-2432

Subject-Matter Experience References

Process Safety Mgmt/PHA Jeff Johnson, Petrofac PSM Advisor 832-865-5166
Process Engineering Andrew Shaw, now Eng. Mgr at CB&I 713-808-5798
Environmental Eng'rg Timothy Lowe, Environmental Consultant (is based in UK)
Geospatial Open Stds. Mark Reichardt, Open GIS Consortium's Pres. 301-840-1361
Professional Skill breadth Robert Knisely, served in 7 federal agencies 410-647-1890
I.T. Business Processes Larry Koskinen, U.S. Peace Corps consultant 202-692-2637

Local Agency Experience

Whatcom County, WA Hal Hart, Director of Planning 360-676-6907
DC Dept. of Transport'n Douglas Noble, Transport Services 202-727-1000
DC Office of Zoning Nyambi Nyambi, I.T. and H.R. Liaison 202-727-0314
DC Office of Planning Ellen McCarthy,  Deputy Director 202-442-7600
DC Office of ANC's Gottlieb Simon, Executive Director 202-727-9945

Civic Experience

SuperNeighborhood 17 Doug Parrish, Chairman of SN17 713-857-5634
Birch Bay Steering. Jim Calhoon, Birch Bay, WA 98230 360-371-7440
Advisory Neighborhood Nancy MacWood, former chair ANC3C 202-966-5333