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  1. Updated "Lessons Learned" for natural gas processing plants in USEPA's GAS STAR program
  2. Expert Advisors for OSHA to aid specific industries with plain language regulatory applicability
  3. "Mobil Refines its EHS Regulatory Practices with Notes"
    "Streamline" News for Manufacturing, Summer 1998, Wellesley Information Services
  4. "Knowledge Management Across the Global Manufacturing Network using Lotus
    Notes & Domino
    with Benchmarking Partners commissioned for Lotus Corporation
  5. API Publication 335, "Refinery MACT Workshop" for American Petroleum Institute with
    EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. 23-24 October 1995, Orlando, Florida
  6. API Publication 4630, Electronic Exchange of Environmental Compliance Information:
    A Proposed Approach
    , August 1995. (Bob Andrew-Mobil & John Grisinger-Radian)
  7. "Emission Inventory Applications of Refinery Stream Speciation Data" PERF Project 94-05
    presented October 1995 for AWMA Specialty Conference, Raleigh, NC
  8. "Toxic Combustion Byproducts", PERF Project 92-19 (Bob Andrew & Jim Seebold)
  9. "Reducing the Desalter Environmental Impact" PERF Project # 91-14,
    (Members Only) Jan 1993, Petroleum Environmental Research Forum
  10. "Prevention of Reformer Overfiring During Startup" C. J. T. Bush, H. J. Weake
    and R. D. Andrew, AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium, San Diego, CA 1990
  11. "The Role of Humanities in Engineering - A Personal View" R. D. Andrew
    Proceedings of the Auckland University Engineering Society, 1971
  12. "Kinetic Model of Steel Refining for a Batch Process" R. D. Andrew & G. A. Wright,
    Proceedings of the Auckland University Engineering Society, 1970
Seminar Presentations by Bob Andrew

  1. "Governmental Roles in Mega-Project On-Time Delivery Risk " at World Gas Conference
    Listen to 8-minute long audio of his presentation and answer to a question by the moderator.
  2. "A Global Perspective on Compliance with Safety Regs " at Process Safety in Oil & Gas
  3. "Chemical Engineers - Getting Published" offered to the local AIChE South Texas Section
  4. "Lessons Learned for Talent Mapping" presented to HR specialists from SME perspective
  5. "Risk & Roles for EPC Firms" presented to Syntex Solutions, developers of "IMPACT" ERM
  6. "What if It Happened on My Watch?" slide-show on process safety roles and responsibilities
  7. "Implementing ArcGIS 8.1 for Redistricting ESRI International User Conference, July 2001
    and repeated at ESRI's Mid-Atlantic User Group Meeting, Washington DC, November 2001
  8. Briefings at American U. to industrial/government sponsors for a new Professional M.S. degree
  9. Weekly columnist for the "Georgetown Current" newspaper from October 1999 to January 2002
  10. "Deploying Solutions Globally with Notes, NotesMail & Domino" (needs Freelance viewer
    "Show Me the ROI".R D Andrew & R W Esser at LotuSphere 1998
  11. "Personal, Corporate and National Environmental Responsibilities" 4 August 1997 at
    Georgetown U for Iacocca Institute students of Global Village for Future Leaders
  12. "Use of Lotus Notes and Domino in EHS at Mobil", July 1997 slideshow for N.A.E.M.
    National Association of Environmental Managers at the 2nd Annual Lotus Notes Workshop
  13. "Applications of Lotus Notes to Trade Association Processes"
    Seminar to Chemical Manufacturers Association staff, 23 January 1998
  14. Facilitated "Universal Access Expedition" GSA Next Generation Strategies monthly workshop
  15. "Interdisciplinary Interaction in Chemical Engineering Design"
    R. D. Andrew, University of Auckland Chem. Eng Dept., 1983
  16. "Alternatives to the Land Disposal of Hazardous Wastes" RD Andrew
    Presentation to the Colorado House State Affairs Committee, 1983
  17. "Tank Truck Vapor Recovery/Collection Equipment and its Relation to Tankage"
    seminar by R. D. Andrew and J. B. Roach, ILTA National Meeting, 1981
  18. "A Review of Alternate Wastewater Processing Schemes for Independent
    Bulk Liquid Terminals
      R. D. Andrew and J. B. Roach, ILTA National Meeting, 1981