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University of Auckland: Process Engineering Design Resources
Client University of Auckland  "Chemical & Materials" engineering students

Location Auckland, New Zealand
Program Develop & deliver innovative resources and teaching approach
Duration 1983 - 1985
Scope Teach junior year & senior year undergraduates (class size 48)
Role Senior Lecturer in 3rd-year "Process Analysis and Synthesis"
and final year "Process Design" course and "Design Project"
Tasks Process Analysis and Synthesis
  • Developed & delivered materials from 10-years experience
  • Developed a categorized list of 1,000 published references in process design and taught students how to access them
  • Developed software in FORTRAN and BASIC for execution on six dedicated workstations in a purpose-created room

Process Design Project

  • Rather than all students doing the same project, each team was given their own industry sector process plant.
  • Examples of plants chosen were relevant to NZ's resources: e.g. aluminum from alumina, phosphate fertilizer, dairy milk processing, oil and gas processing, steel by electric furnace from ironsands, cement-making, pulp & paper, oil refining
  • Over the academic year, the teams each had to produce Process Flow Diagrams, Heat and Material Balance, size major equipment, propose control schema, do screening-level Hazard Analysis, present their project to Faculty
  • Had each team of four choose their own lead to coordinate the division of tasks. I met weekly with just the 12 leads, to make them accountable to consolidate questions, but accompanying lectures & tests were for the whole class