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PetroMAS Engineering: Three Refinery Expansion Projects
Client Gladieux Refining and Ergon Refining

Location Fort Wayne, IN and Vicksburg, MS
Projects Crude/Product Redesign, and two Capacity Expansion Projects
Duration 1974 - 1980
Scope Process Design, Equipment Expediting and Commissioning
Role Process Engineer for Design and Commissioning Phases
Tasks All Three Revamp Projects
  • Performed simulations, process equipment & line specs, P&IDs, Heat & Mat'l Balances; During startup did control loop commissioning and panel operator training.
Jet Fuel for Gladieux Refinery
  • 1974-75 Crude column and Merox treater upgrade to meet military JP-4 specifications for Indiana Air National Guard. Jerry Roach had me calculate crude tower by hand, so that I really understood tray-by-tray impact of e.g. "pumparounds"
Expansion of Gladieux Refinery
  • 1976-77 Design/startup of mods under "Old Oil / New Oil". design handled broad crude range from 26° to 38° API, used split overhead condensers to cover requirements.

  • Process assessment of impact on crude column, overhead systems, pumparounds, with switch from sweet light crude

Expansion of Ergon Refinery
  • 1978-80 Process design and startup of major expansion to 25,000 BPSD of Ergon Refining's Vicksburg, MS refinery.

  • R&D on stable "coal-oil mixture" technology for pipelining coal suspended in residual oil to Mississippi Power & Light.