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N.Z Synthetic Fuels: Startup, Optimization, LIMS, CADD, Library
Client N.Z. Synthetic Fuels (then a Mobil affiliate)
later bought by Methanex for methanol only

Location Motonui (near Waitara & New Plymouth, NZ)
Program Process and IT projects in support of Operations & Tech. Depts
Duration 1985 - 1990
Scope Debottlenecking, develop Process MIS, LIMS, run CADD & Library
Role 1985-86: Sr. Process Engineer 1987-90: Info. Systems Sup'visor
Tasks Initially did acceptance startup tests of all non-process units from Bechtel (see page 8 of January 1998 " Bechtel Briefs")


  • Applied case studies of large ASPEN model of natural gas reforming & methanol synthesis to identify bottle-necks
  • Prioritized bringing in second, high-CO2 content pipeline to increase production 9% with stoichiometric mixed feed gas
  • Developed pipeline transient monitoring system for Fox 1/A system as advance warning for feed & fuel control systems
  • Presented Prevention of Reformer Overfiring During Startup to AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium, San Diego, 1990

Process MIS & LIMS

  • Setup graphic monitoring of process conditions by setting up color schematics with updating values, on "IBM 4361" with GDDM graphics and SQL/DS relational database
  • Worked with process engineers to identify and develop the schematics, daily reports and trend analysis for each unit
  • Integrated lab data by direct connection to HP analyzers, and setting up lab tags for routine wet chemistry results.