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Shetland Gas Plant: Process Offshore Gas & waxy Condensate

Client TOTAL Exploration & Production U.K.

Location Sullum Voe, Shetland, north of Scotland
Project Shetland Gas Plant, awarded 4 Oct 2010
Duration Engineering 4Q2010 through 4Q2012; Commissioning in 2014
Scope Treat 500MMSCFD of wet gas from subsea wells, to produce dry sales gas into the FUKA line to the mainland, plus unstabilised condensate to the adjacent Sullum Voe Terminal. Project scope was changed to add stand-alone power generation, stand-alone treated effluent outfall instead of using SVT facilities of BP
Role Review scope & tasks for gaps in detail design or deliverables; review safety critical documents; give subject matter expertise
  • Review TOTAL E&P's "Safety Critical Elements" for specific
    Performance Spec. functional objectives and requirements
  • Review onshore Environmental Statement to identify all
    Commitments impacting detail design and construction
  • Review Decisions Diary from Basic Engineering for any
    changes made during Consolidation Engineering, plus
    any other environmental impacts from scope changes
  • Identified need to review effluent waste treatment to add
    tertiary treatment to ensure low COD target reached, also
    potentially equipment to treat emulsions and waxy sludge
  • Developed several options for minimizing solid waste to landfill,
    including pigging wax to a "waste-to-energy" plant, segregation
    of insoluble divalent precipitate from soluble NaCl/KCl with trace
    MEG. Possibly use salt locally for road de-icing: "Fate & Effect"
    lab tests would be needed.
  • Participated in UK Regulatory Task Force to ensure that projects demonstrate compliance with UK laws.
  • Assisted in CDM (Construction Design & Management) review
    of Engineering phase documenting key design approach, any
    changes in EPC phase from FEED phase
  • Audited HAZOP and DCN closure; reviewed MOC for post-
    engineering construction and commissioning phases