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U.S. Department of Justice: System Architect for "Redistricting"
Client U.S. Department of Justice,
Civil Rights Voting Section

Location Washington, DC
Project Re-design DOJ's Redistricting
Analysis tools for Census 2000
Duration 1Q 2000 - 1Q 2001
Scope Redesign Application to ArcGIS 8.1 on Windows, Oracle on UNIX
Role GIS System Architect, oversight of ESRI Consulting's Design
  • Together with ESRI Consulting, analyzed 72 feature list from lawyers, turned into 175+ functional requirements
  • Reviewed NCSL " Redistricting" experience at State Level and "Census 2000" data advice from U.S. Census Bureau
  • Prioritized Windows functionality needs of DOJ reviewers to provide simultaneous view of available data version(s), status, selected map, and statistics in table and graph
  • Helped pioneer customization to " ArcCatalog" to enable Windows-Explorer type view of checkin, checkout, status
  • Lead quarterly technical reviews in Redlands, CA of user interface, chose dockable windows consistent placement
  • Had intranet view developed for DOJ managers of current status of redistricting submittals during a 60-day review
  • Defined usability test protocols, including providing users with clear indication of map area currently being examined
  • Presented application highlights at ESRI's International Conference in 2001, and Mid-Atlantic User Conference