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Refinery Implementation of ProMIS "Process Mgmt. Info. Sys."
Client Mobil Corporation's European refineries
Location (in Princeton) for Germany, France & U.K.
Project Implement PROMIS system at three European Refineries
Duration 1991 - 1992
Scope Develop PROMIS for Europe by migrating PROMIS architecture as developed for Mobil US, Mobil Australia, Mobil Japan & Mobil UK.
Role Systems Analyst for Mobil R&D on implications of switching from Oracle on VAX to Unix and user interface from Windows to OS/2.

(Was chosen for this role from my experience at N.Z. Synfuel in leading a team for process monitoring on small IBM mainframe)

  • Participated in strategic planning session in Hamburg to identify legacy systems to be migrated onto "PROMIS".
  • Identified "middle-ware" customization and performance challenges in switching platforms.
  • Secured agreement from Mobil Europe on path to all-IBM system by running existing Windows NT desktop interface under OS/2, and porting Oracle to AIX on IBM RS/6000
  • Took advantage of AIX ability to dynamically re-allocate disk storage without shut-down, for a true 24 * 7 system
  • Set development priorities in achieving 20,000 pts/minute upload to Oracle from "PI" data system by OSI, also doing uploads from LIMS and business data systems.
  • Completed master-plan for architecture in USA.  Site-based teams then implemented at the refineries dealing with their specific legacy data and systems issues.