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Mobil R&D, P.E.R.F. projects on Process Reduction of Pollution
Client Mobil Corp'n's operating facilities

Location Princeton NJ then Washington DC
Project Technologies to reduce pollution
from crude oil refining processes
Duration 1991 - 1995, and 2002 (for EPA)
Scope Projects by Mobil R&D, pilots by Facilities, and shared-funding PERF (Petroleum Environmental Research Forum) R&D projects
under leadership of Mobil R&D Corp's Vice President Jack Wise
Role Team leader for Mobil R&D to identify any process engineering means of reducing/quantifying air and or wastewater pollution
  • In a multi-discipline MRDC team overseeing a multi-million budget across fundamental R&D, applied R&D, engineering
  • Participated in PERF quarterly meetings with other majors to agree on viable projects to co-fund; sites to test them
  • Chaired PERF's Refining ("Downstream") Discussion Group
  • Lead PERF 92-19 with Chevron on "Combustion Air Toxics" at Sandia CRF with academic collaboration & peer review
  • Active in PERF 91-14 on BP's "Reducing Desalter Emulsions" with field testing means to reduce emulsions in desalters
  • Did data analysis for a refinery intermediate process fluids speciation study as part of PERF 94-05, "Cooperative Air Program for CAA Compliance Research", lead by Shell
  • Used results from PERF 93-19 "Dispersion Modeling Project" to look at adjacent process equipment impact in dispersion
  • Updated "Lessons Learned" for U.S. EPA Gas STAR program while working as a contractor to U.S. EPA, OSHA and DOE