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Giant Yorktown Refinery: "S-Zorb" Gasoline Desulfurization Unit
Client Giant Industries (later Western)
Location Yorktown, VA (formerly Amoco)
Project Offsite Units for "S-Zorb" GDU
Duration 3Q 2006- 1Q 2007
Scope For Offsite units did Front-End Loading 2 ("Select" Stage) OSBL Engineering, plus FEL3 ("Design" Stage) with Procurement
Role Design Engineer for Scrubber-Oxidation, Cooling Tower & Flare
Tasks SO2 Scrubber with Sulfite Oxidation
  • Developed full engineering and procurement specification from process data requirements to scrub SO2 by >99.5%
  • Issued RFQ to three vendors and conducted Technical Bid Evaluation of performance parameters, vendor materials of construction, utilities consumption, and modular design.
  • Selected least cost vendor, with substantially lower cost than vendor who had built all previous S-Zorb scrubbers
  • Value achieved using standard vs. custom components,
    stack height no greater than needed for sampling ,while achieving twice the oxidation volume for minimum COD

Package Three-Cell Cooling Tower

  • Developed full engineering and procurement specification from exchanger thermal loads to cool 4,250 gpm of C.W.
  • Developed sole source justification for modular, factory-built, road-haulable cooling tower, in just three cells
  • Designed CW sump & basin per Hydraulic Inst. Standards

Flare Header Condensation Study

  • Analysis of flare header for condensation in cold weather, using AspenTech's FlareNet & SimSci's PRO/II simulation
  • For debutanizer loss of reflux case, calculated that multi-component vapor would not condense in long flare header before central knockout drum, even on a cold, wet day