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PetroMAS Engineering: Air Emissions & Wastewater Management

Clients ITC, PetroUnited (now LBC), Stinnes, TACB (now TCEQ)  
Location Gulf Coast of U.S.A.
Program Emissions estimating software, studies and treatment designs
Duration 1975 - 1982
Scope Environ. Audits, Petrochem. Waste-water Treatment System Designs, developed software to inventory storage emissions
Role Process Engineer, worked under Jerry Roach P.E. (now deceased)
Tasks Environmental Audits
  • Under contract to the State of Texas Air Control Board, did analyses of point emissions from aluminum pot-lines, kraft paper mills, fertilizer plants. Compared fence-line calculated emissions to field data, mass balances on point sources.
  • Performed annual environmental audits for ILTA clients, advising them of best practice opportunities to improve.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Petrochemical storage wastewaters vary significantly in their composition as different product tanks are washed out. Developed biological treatment systems characterized by long retention for slow-degradation kinetics, choice of activated sludge or trickle filter, and bull-rushes in channel ditches for polishing heavy metals.

Emissions Inventories

  • in BASIC (pre-PC days) developed point-source emission calculation software based on EPA "TANKS" and "AP-42", including summary tabulating emissions for all products. Capability to quickly change identity of stored products, and re-compute entire emissions inventory total.

Texas Air Control Board Study

  • Formal report for TACB quantifying emissions compliance at fenceline from calculating process vents of aluminum pot-lines, wood pulp Kraft mills and fertilizer sulfuric acid units.