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Marathon Garyville: Kerosene Hydrotreater and Hydrocracker
Client Marathon Petroleum Company
Location Garyville, Louisiana, USA

Garyville Major Expansion

Duration 1st half 2007 at Shaw S&W
Scope Detail Engineering, HAZOP and Procurement of
GME "Kerosene Hydrotreater" & "HydroCracker"
Role Senior Process Systems Engineer for KHT and HCU units
  • Validation of "FEED" package, as received from Fluor Corp
  • Hydraulics of process pumps to confirm NPSH and Delta-P
  • Checked P&IDs vs. Data Sheets consistency / omissions
  • Checked P&IDs Line Numbers, PSVs and CVs per spec'ns
  • Developed min. nozzle standards to control quill depths
  • Developed combined OWS design for rainwater/firewater
  • Developed smart spreadsheet to automate OWS analyses, determining controlling case (firewater vs. rainwater) and selection of slopes vs. sizes, based upon available depth

Process Systems work, based on final IFD equipment layout:

  • Detail design of ISBL Fire Protection pump deluge system
  • Coordinate layout with OSBL for FW, OWS & SS interfaces
  • Potential to consolidate process drain hubs, OWS sewers
  • Complete Line List with Design, Test cond'ns, Paint/Insul