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Mobil Corporation "GENIE" (Global EHS Network Info. Enabler)
Client Mobil Corporation (prior to Exxon-Mobil merger in 1998)
Location Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Project GENIE project to build I.T. tools for EHS Best Practices sharing
Duration 3Q 1995 - 4Q 1997
Scope Architect, contract code development, and build a "Lotus Notes" based system to share EHS best practices throughout all Mobil.
Role Project Manager of 9 developers, 2 paralegals, 1 help-desk staff
  • Worked with Shared Services organization to define needs
    in new Global Professional Services EH&S organization to align EH&S "Management Systems" across E&P, Transport, Refining, Chemicals and Distribution
  • Defined 9 core functionalities to be supported by "GENIE", contracted services of skilled developers to write framework and each module, starting with "Issues Management"
  • Worked with Mobil GIS to synchronize roll-out of GENIE with Notes Mail 4.6 deployment, so Notification & Calendaring functionality was added into the next release of GENIE.
  • Trained para-legals in monitoring e.g. Federal Register, & post appropriately categorized link for an Issues Manager.

  • As part of setting up replica sites in U.K. Singapore and in Australia, also conducted two-day workshops for local HSE
  • Invited collaborative solutions presenter at Lotusphere, and published as white paper by "Benchmarking Partners".
  • GENIE architecture became the model for "BestNet" to do Best Practice knowledge sharing across all of Mobil.
  • The content repository in GENIE formed the core for HSE training in U.S. standards that Bob gave to Korea Gas.