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Environmental Protection Agency "Emergency Operations Center"
Client U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Location Washington DC National Response Plan
Project "Emergency Operations Center" upgrade
Duration 2Q 2004 - 1Q 2005
Scope Upgrade A/V capability to increase simultaneous videoconfencing including computer white-boarding, app'n sharing, & GIS/imagery
Role Project Technical Lead: Scope, Functional Design, Equip. Select
  • Developed upgrade master-plan by spaces & functionality, worked with Emergency Response Team about their needs
  • Specify each sub-system upgrade path and expansion path
  • Plan cabling system requirements for audio/visual/PC/Web
  • Develop requisitions, participate in final vendor selections
  • Enabled expanded access to satellite television into EOC
  • Develop contract elements for installation, ongoing support
  • Successfully install upgrade in two-week shut-down window
  • Test and validate all sub-systems, support test videoconf.
  • Develop forward plan for GIS desktop upgrade to ArcGIS 9 and on-demand access to contracted satellite imagery
  • Wrote internal white paper for EPA about other options for "on-demand" aerial and satellite imagery acquisition e.g. Google Earth professional, GlobeXplorer
  • Supported tests of operations from back-up EOC site, and data acquisition from chemical sensors-equipped airplane