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BP Cherry Point Refinery: Evaluation of Alternative Crude Slate
Client BP U.S. (design done at Anvil)

Location Cherry Point, Washington State
Project Canadian eXtra Heavy Oil (CXHO)
Duration 4Q 2005 - 1Q 2006
Scope FEL2 ("Select" stage) Process Engineering estimate of switching from Alaskan North Slope crude to study slate of Canadian XHO
Role Senior Process Engineer (part of a four-person study team)
  • Two cases: current 250,000 BPSD and potential expansion
    via dock (Magnuson Act constraints) or a future pipeline?
  • De-bottlenecking study of the Coker unit's capacity. with constraints of min. cycle time, sulphur and metals. Coke had to meet anode grade specifications, or be devalued.
  • Process requirements for new " Merchant" hydrogen plants to produce high-purity H2 via steam-reforming of butanes plus PSA, with option to export steam
  • Hydraulic analysis of line-sizing adequacy using Excel tools
  • API RP521 analysis of Pressure Safety Valves for each case
  • Use of AspenTech's HYSYS and SimSci's PRO/II simulation
  • Automated data extraction of "PI" process data and "LIMS" lab data from BP Cherry Point via secure network
  • Developed updated site-wide steam, fuel & water balances
  • Capacity analyses of tank farm, crude & product pipelines