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Pipeline Systems for Oil, Gas, Refined Products, Utilities

2008    Ras Tanura Integrated Project
As Interface Coordinator during scoping phase, worked with KBR pipeline specialists on options for routing lines (and electrical) from Ras Tanura refinery, ethane from gas plant, brine and return line from salt mine.

2007    ExxonMobil Odoptu, Sakhalin
HSE Lead during studies & EPC, work included routing & installation options for 75 km two-phase pipeline, 10km across frozen bay, two river crossings and significant marshy area.

2007    ADMA-OpCo Hab Abshan Platform
As HSE Lead during FEED, work included risk analysis of alternate locations of pipeline to shore to minimize risk from ship anchors, recommendations for setting concrete blankets.

2005    BP Cherry Point Canadian eXtra Heavy Oil
As process engineer on team evaluating current 250,000 bpd vs. potential expansion via ship or pipeline, did studies on line size vs. breakout storage size for incoming crude, plus tank farm configuration for batching refined product into an existing line to the south.

2003    EPA and DOT Pipeline Coordination
As the GIS coordinator for CSC's contract with USEPA, worked closely with DOT's contractor for GIS on a secure intranet implementation of mapping oil product pipelines in the continental U.S.. This followed after a previous task for EPA of locating all product storage terminals: the focus for pipelines was in locating all block valves and pump stations, overlaid with ground type classification for spill cleanup.

1985    New Zealand Synthetic Fuels

Technical supervisor for $1.2 billion Natural Gas-to-Methanol- Synthetic Gasoline project. Work included designing and configuring mixing controls for high-CO2 content natural gas line with existing pipeline natural gas as stoichiometric feed to methanol reformers

1980     Intercontinental Terminals, Deer Park
Did detailed thermal design and layout of high-pressure steam line from a nearby chemical plant a more economic alternate to adding an onsite boiler.

1978    Ergon Refining, Vicksburg, MS

Field tests of a pipeline to Mississippi Power & Light containing finely ground coal suspended in #6 fuel oil feed with the objective of enabling coal to be used in a liquid-fuel fired power station.