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A) Licensed Analysis, Models, Tools
B) Licensed Processes & Equipment

Used Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID and 3D model, Bentley PlantWise for "Facility Equipment Database"
Reviewed simulations for MEG/Hydrocarbon/Produced water using ProMax for glycols, OLI for saline.
Used HYSYS to extract transport properties for hydro-treater unit hydraulics for Marathon; to review options for sour water treatment, fuel gas system, and hydrogen supply system options for BP.
Used SimSci’s PRO/II at Shaw for flare system condensation, Hydrocracker stream transport properties; and at Mobil R&D Corp for modeling flow-sheets of refinery processes, for many of which Mobil had developed individual unit process modules, based upon licensor technologies.
Used OSI Software’s “PI” and Baytek’s “BLISS” at BP Cherry Point, Mobil Global Prof. Services, Mobil R&D Corp and NZ SynFuel for real-time access to process tag data & lab sample data.
Used UMIST-based “pinch” analysis when Senior Lecturer 1983 - 85 at University of Auckland responsible for the classes in Process Analysis & Synthesis, Process & Plant Design and senior-year Design Project.  Optimization methodology for integration was intellectual foundation for Linnhoff-March, now part of KBC.
Used ACSL (Advanced Continuous Simulation Language) while Technology Supervisor at N.Z. SynFuel to model upsets in steam system and fuel gas system, in order to assign optimally robust control system settings so to bring these back under control.
Used the original DOE “ASPEN” software at N.Z. SynFuel to model the methanol synthesis process: I used this model to optimize the CO2 content of the feedstock and reformer firing for optimum stoichiometry, under constraints of temperature (metallurgy) and fuel consumption.
While a Team Leader at ICF Consulting used their in-house methodologies for CO2 reduction technologies, electricity transmission modeling, and national-scale power markets.
For Chevron Wheatstone LNG plant had Level-III access to ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade Process
At Petrofac reviewed alternate amines for sour-gas treating by BASF, and MEG reclamation by Cameron
At PetroMAS Engineering Services I was responsible for start-up and commissioning several UOP-licensed Merox fixed-bed units for sweetening light-end process streams.
At Mobil R&D Corp I was privy to work our Process Engineering group was doing with Kellogg on advances in FCC internals, such as Atomax nozzles
At Mobil R&D Corp I was chosen to arbitrate between competing, internal developments for estimating missing properties from a crude assay with incomplete data. THey started from the same intellectual base, but “MAPS” I chose had better data update capabsility, better documented code & user support.
At NZ SynFuel I worked directly with commissioning engineers from Davy PowerTech on their methanol plant design for twin 1,000 MT/day units using ICI synthesis process, In my reformer optimization work I went to John Zink in Tulsa to oversee testing of new burners with a longer flame to safely achieve a 9% increase in feedstock throughput, and with Haldor-Topsoe on optimum operation of catalysts for heavily top-fired reforming.
At PetroMAS I was responsible for for startup and trouble-shooting of fired heaters from Foster-Wheeler including starting up an entire refinery from cold on LPG, then gradual switch over to refinery fuel gas.