Bob Andrew and his professional tools
in technology delivery to OpCo & EPC

Skilled in multi-discipline engineering,
global info mgmt & curriculum design.
Bob Andrew
✦ "Information Management" Strategy and Governance
✦ Secure, reliable infrastructure/apps for global delivery
✦ HSE Audit, Process Safety Management & Safety Risk
✦ FEL-1 (Process Feasibility), FEL-2 (Process Selection),
    FEL-3 (Definition), FEL-4 (Execution), FEL-5 (O & M)
✦ Best Practices: deliverables, milestones, work process
✦ Regulatory expertise, facility siting analysis, ESIA, VPP

✦ "Front End" process, simulation, PFD, Heat&Mass Balance
✦ Detailed design, P&IDs, PHA safety reviews, Data Sheets
✦ Multidiscipline technical bid evaluation including lifecycle
✦ Integrity Assurance "gap analysis" across all disciplines
✦ Curriculum design/assessment for engineering   technical

✦ Equipment Checks, Commissioning, Training, and Startup
✦ As-Built P&IDs, Controls Loops checkout, Alarm Settings
✦ CADD, Data & GIS systems for facility & operations mgmt
✦ Smart hand-held tools integrating O&M with procedures
✦ Integrating Management of Change from design to O&M

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