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Facilitation of Editorial & Event Workflows
Bob became Technical Editor for Hydrocarbon Processing and Gas Processing in Sep 2015. The role of being a Technical Editor is different from others in Bob's career. In some ways, it is like teaching process plant design, but with an audience that's over 125,000 each month. And that's just the magazine! Within HP Editorial team the role of the Technical Editor includes annual projects e.g. updating process handbooks, each having hundreds of licensed processes. Also researching and validating content plus the metadata of downstream facility maps and web atlas. The chronology below summarizes how each year new dimensions of the job evolved.

2018   Event Technical Programs and Panels
HP and GP put on several conference events each year, mainly in the USA and Europe. The HP Editor, GP Editor and the Technical Editor share a role in developing their agendas, which typically feature single track keynotes & business speakers, then dual track technical sessions, concluding with panels. Bob developed an on-line form for submitting abstracts: information used by HP & GP Advisory Boards to shortlist who will present. Other Event forms were also developed: submitting bios and portraits, uploading presentation slides using event-specific templates.

2017   Refining Processes Handbook and Map
Bob expanded the number of Refining Processes covered from ~150 to over 200, and provided a more granular structure for each process page: namely application, description, advantages, efficiencies, utilities, how it was developed & is delivered, economics, installation, references, website and contact for each process. For the Global Refining Map developed by our London-based map guys at the Petroleum Economist, Bob validated refinery capacities, by researching their company websites and other reference sources.

2016   Technical Article Submission Process
In a "gatekeeper" role, abstracts for both magazines now come to the Technical Editor, using an online form Bob developed. He reviews each abstract, with required article information, to ensure they are compelling,concise yet complete. Then authors are advised - if the abstract is accepted - which section their article will appear in, per the HP Editorial calendar. Once received and scheduled, their full article with all of its figures, tables, bios and portraits are assigned to individual editors to edit for style and clarity, and resolve any questions with authors. Bob also championed using short-form video within contributed articles & on the website. From time-to-time he contributes commentary to HP's blog.

2015   Print & Digital Editorial Workflows
While learning the processes involved in developing and delivering print and digital content, Bob developed workflow diagrams, with swim-lanes showing the information and responsibilities at each stage. For example, editing an article, producing an article, recommended network folder structure and file-naming conventions.