Proposed Master Plan: for the Dedicated Use of Each Floor

1) Rectory: Residence for our college students: see 1st floor & 2nd floor;
    plus - in flat roofed room - storage for Scout camping gear, Bike center.
    See details about college-age planning, history of the Rectory usage..

2) Education 1st Floor: Kitchen, Nursery, Rm 108 with Sumner Library

3) Education 2nd Floor: Shared by Redeemer Sunday school & La Roca
    with large common area used by both groups, plus many class rooms.
     Sunday School Pre- K through Elementary, Tuesday nights La Roca

4) Education 3rd Floor: Dedicate half the area to the Scouting program
    (Reserve other half as potential study rooms for adults with laptops)

5) Parish Hall Offices: for Rector, Admin Asst, Bookkeeper, Music Director

6) Basement under Parish Hall: Youth Minister office, High School program

7) Basement under the Nave: Meetings, Rehearsal space and Kids Chapel

Note proposed use changes only for the Rectory, 3rd Floor and Parish Hall

#1 (the Rectory as residence) is the impetus to do #2 (Scout relocation).

#5 (Pat move, Prayer Rm) enabled by #4 & #2 (Sumner Library to Rm 108)

Proposed library wall location in Room 108 will hold the entire collection
with six 4ft long quality bookcases with 7 shelves each and LED lighting

by Bob Andrew

Rev 0: Feb 2009 for Vision Committee
Rev 1: Mar 2009 for Redeemer Vestry