Church of the Redeemer: Relocation of Offices  updated 8/3/07
Readers: start at bottom with Planning, then up to Photos and Designs, lastly Work Plan


Remodel Doors and Walls:  hired contractor Using Jose Esparza cell ph. 281-435-3644,  see
carpentry work scope in two phases. He started om Sat July 28 after volunteers moved stuff.
We bought the doors and slider window at Lowes, he's doing work for $1400, with $500 upfront
Electrical Work: Installed five 110v outlets in Admin office, split out lighting circuit for storage
Environmental Air $750 for fan motor of 5-ton heat pump Unit #10, Eastwood sidewalk.

is three-line 713-928-3221:  PBX is Panasonic KX-TVS80 by ITT Houston, 713-868-8080
Contact is Monty Brit, mbrit @ who did the 2001 installation work "post-flood"
Received quote for $803 (if no tax), plus $67 for another network hub on 1st floor in A/V closet
ITT Houston's bill covered equipment, materials and labor for voice, fax, DSL and data wiring.

number is 713-928-6469, and separate fax 713-921-7504, both thru AT&T (877-722-3755)
Phone company termination demarcation is in
basement below steep stairs from the Parish Hall.

system is leased from ADT (phone 800-238-7887). We're customer 01300 104044086
Only change needed is video surveillance. ADT quoting on conduit, routing above kitchen wall
ADT field reps
Ray Knight and John-Michael Anderson (713-525-6300) came on Wed July 25th.
Accepted ADT quote for running new cable and conduit, but deferred buying a DVR for remote

Tables & chairs to former stage area, moved big shelves to ball storage.
CLEANUP:  Added missing floor trim, painted 2 side rooms and painted new storage room/doors.
was relocated after side room painting and trim repair by volunteers.

COPIER/PRINTER/SCANNER : Delivered August 6. Leah asked Konica Minolta to extend a month.
We worked
with, ph 281-949-2651, OcÚ Corporate Printing
Printer/Scanner/Copier was networked after office network was setup,by Geek Squad GulfGate.

D) MOVED 3RD FLOOR TO FIRST:  Carlos moved furniture and boxes - he used to be a mover!


See ITT's 2002 markup of floor plans on a 1998 Master Development Plan by Harper & Associates
See floor plans of ground floor and above and floor plan of basement (they're 36" * 24" PDFs)

See Communications & Electrical floor plan shows 110V outlets, phone, fax, networking needs
New space users drawn to scale
for first floor plan, identifying all the proposed changes in red.
and Administrator office layouts locating furniture, new walls, doors, windows in offices.

Click current spaces scale drawing floor plan, showing how rooms off Parish Hall are now used.

View photo albums of construction progress, office equipment and Room 108 equipment
Updated 3rd floor offices photos, also photos of 1st Floor rooms contents off Parish Hall.
Also photographed "Polly Sumner" Library, former Bookstore/Stage and Utility spaces

In order to relocate Rector and Administrator to 1st Floor, it's necessary to displace some existing
uses. Basic planning premise used is windowed rooms for people, storage in non-windowed spaces!

From an optimum planning perspective, ideally there would be up to four distinct spaces defined:

1) Personal office for the Rector
2) A separate Counseling space 
3) A Church Administrator Office
4) Administrative storage space

First Floor has Room 108 for large Group meetings, so Rector thinks need number 2 is already met.

Spaces identified to relocate into: Rector into "Polly Sumner Library"; room that currently stores
tables/chairs will be new Library; small room connected by Dutch door will be for quiet reading or
contemplative prayer (or could be used by the Rector for one-on-one counseling).

Administrative office & storage functions to use much of the space in former church Bookstore;
with balance of space not used for Admin becoming separated storage for relocated tables/chairs.

Originally submitted by Bob Andrew on Sunday July 1st, 2007

Credentials: former Jr. Warden, did remodel projects on 1st and 3rd Floors, Planning Commissioner
in Yardley, PA, taught Urban Planning in 2006. See Civic & Academic pages of