Vision:  Use Former Rectory as College Students Residence

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, Now that we are your daughters & sons
In the prayers of our hearts, daily be: God - make us Your family

A) Redeemer Rectory return to its original purpose, a residence for our parishioners

The Rectory as a place where a group of parishioners live in their first years of college.

Read the history of the rectory's use. View the floor-plans of the Rectory 1st and 2nd floor

In this new Millennium we don't have extended families of college age living with married couples. College-age typically go to dorms first year, then on to shared apartments with fellow students.
Our college age members already know each other from years of being in Youth Group together.

This would be a ministry whose direct oversight is already by the Youth Minister, with spiritual oversight by our Rector, who is also the Canterbury for University of Houston main campus.

Minimizing Financial Cost:
The Rectory is a structurally sound building, with a hurricane-proof roof. The only part that is in bad shape is the flat-roofed scout storage which needs to be isolated from the rest of the house.
We should ask the incoming students, plus other parish volunteers, to provide all of the labor as sweat equity to get the house ready for occupancy.

Resident Responsibilities:
They would commit for one semester at a time, each responsible for a fixed amount of rent per person, which would not change during their time of living there. This is individual rent - not a set total for the whole building - inclusive of all utilities i.e. a steady amount to budget for.

Each resident would share equally in doing the household duties, which they could divide amongst themselves by mutual agreement e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, trash, yard,  minor maintenance.

Residency Rotation:
As students in future years choose one by one to move elsewhere, the remaining residents would choose to invite someone else to live with them, preferably from amongst peer students who have been drawn into our parish life through the Canterbury ministry at U. of H. main campus.

I suggest having new residents come for the summer semester, and the other residents plus the Youth Minister decide if the new resident should continue to live for the academic year in case there's not a good mutual fit.

At least two current residents would need to commit each yearto live in the Rectory over each summer, to ensure its security plus wise stewardship of the A/C bill!

Recommend residency be a maximum of four years or their graduation date, whichever is earlier.

B) Education 3rd Floor return to original purpose: People Learning, not Administration

Vision:  Gathering place for Scouts and Young Adults

Scouts meet Monday nights, use open space plus rooms for storage, leaders & breakout

This is also place where participants in the on-campus Canterbury group can meet and socialize with residents of the Rectory in larger numbers than the Rectory sitting room

Note the third floor already has a kitchen for snacks & light cooking: microwave, fridge and sink.

See the floor plan of the third floor, including the dimensions of each room

Several rooms can be set up so that visitors and residents can study together in the evening. The students could use either their own laptops, or fixed PCs and LAN printers set up for their use

The college-age social area and kitchen would NOT be open to school-age kids, who have the Education Second floor set aside for their use, and ground floor kitchen available to their leaders.

Desktop PCs could also be used by neighborhood adults during the day, with lessons to be offered at set dates and times on computer literacy. Note the third floor is already networked with the LAN set up when the third floor was the office space for clergy and staff.

(Read the history of the Education building's use)