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About Bob

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Bob is a seasoned ( 40+ years) engineering consultant, educator, mentor and team leader. He's a dedicated and professional engineer with published experience in doing process & HSE engineering designs, startups, optimizations, operations and safety & environmental stewardship. He is an efficient problem-solver; applying information solutions; integrating energy industry business processes with analyses, process and HSE models, analytical geospatial and CADD, web best practices and collaborative solutions.

Like so many of us in Refining/Petrochem/Oil & Gas, his career has paralleled the global price of crude oil. Born and educated as a "Kiwi", he emigrated to the USA, where he spent most of his professional career, except for eight years in the 80's back in N.Z. teaching Process Design then working in a $1.2 billion Synfuels plant. He also worked in United Arab Emirates for three years, then returned to Houston.

His career began in 70's & 80's in EPC, teaching Chemical & Materials Eng'rg then in plant operations; 90's in R&D and Corporate HSE; federal consulting 1998-2005. Then came back to Houston for EPC, now a Technical Editor. He offers consulting, grounded in Value Improving Practices and Stage-Gated Design.

Because of the resurgence in demand for clean fuels, refining capacity, and heavy oil projects, Bob was put on the design team for the first new US refinery in 30 years, alongside the last one built. He was HSE team lead for a Middle East gas platform, and onshore arctic oil oil & gas processing.

Bob is also a "Society of Industrial Leaders" invited member within oil & gas/refining/petrochem sectors.  He founded Kiwis Edge, LLC for consulting and "Expert Witness".

Bob enjoys all of his work, particularly when it involves inter-disciplinary or intellectual challenges. One key to his professional satisfaction was his involvement in technical advocacy of good science supporting sound policy at API, developing Refinery MACT guidance, and in PERF shared environmental projects & forums.

His skills and intellect are sustained by professional and civic association activity,  plus University-level teaching: as Senior Lecturer from 1983-1985, part-time as Research Adjunct in 2002-2004, Teaching Adjunct in 2006, Process Design Curriculum advisor for Rice University in 2008.