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Project Risk Assessment,
Environ. & Safety Audits

2014   Chevron Wheatstone
Develop Petrofac HSE and Quality plans, in compliance with requirements of "Master Service Agreement" with Chevron, covering Operations Readiness, Commissioning/Startup, Training & Procedures for staff based in Houston, later China, Malaysia, Perth and Onslow in Western Australia

2011–2012   TOTAL Shetland Gas Plant
Conducted audits of HAZOP and DCN  (Design Change Notice) closure, participated in identifying residual risk from engineering and procurement phase. 

2009–2010   TurkmenGaz South Yoloten Gas Field

Contributed to formal Project Risk Assessment for Board approval, developed scope for Environmental Impact Assessment, provided data and guidance to RSK, contractor for the EIA 

2007    Odoptu First Stage Processing, Sakhalin, Russia
Supported ExxonMobil and ERM Moscow in determining project regulatory approval risk at both central and regional government level. Focused on approvals for “Alternative Design Standards” the project developed to western norms.

2007    ADMA-OpCo Habshan Alpha Platform
As HSE lead for developing the entire Safety Case, participated in an independent HSE review of the project at FEED,

2006    BP Cherry Point Refinery
Reviewed annual Emissions Reporting methods, then automated data extraction from “PI” and “LIMS”. Their Excel spreadsheets are now labor-efficient for monthly rather than quarterly, giving tighter oversight over trends, excursions.

2004    EPA Emergency Operations Center
Reviewed all of the EOC procedures for tighter integration with variety of data gathering and data sharing systems.
Implemented smart GIS overlays of aerial/satellite situational imagery with on-scene Incident Commander Updates.

2003    EPA Office of Enforcement& Compliance Assurance
Advised OECA on using data forensic methods to determine out-of-compliance anomalies from industry submissions, with focus on statistical techniques, regression analysis and geospatial analyses

2000    OSHA “eTools” Development
Upgraded four Expert Advisors for OSHA, to help specific industries to better understand which portions of complex regulations they needed to comply with. By answering approximately ten defining questions, the expert system logic produces just those portions of the regulation that apply to that industry and the size of that organization.

1995-1998      Mobil Global Professional Services
Standardized on pre-configured laptops for Corporate Audit staff and regional Emergency Response coordinators.
  This included having consolidated Mobil EHS practices and procedures on the hard drive, plus tools to connect to plant data. Took part in domestic and international audits to assure ISO 14000 consistency across Mobil divisions.

1993    Mobil Torrance Refinery
Took part in internal multi-media audit, prior to scheduled separate audits by California and Federal agencies.
Over a week, the team reviewed longitudinal and snapshot data, interviewed Operation and Engineering staff, and produced a summary report of findings and recommendations to the Refinery Management team.

1992    Mobil Beaumont Refinery
Followed up the refinery’s 1991 TRI report to determine why certain emissions where much higher than at other refineries. Looked at methodology, data sources and engineering design.  Several instances were found to simply be inexperience with recognizing invalid data, and we developed a simple checklist for future unit engineers. The largest discrepancy was determined to be real, and a design change implemented for the solvent filter bearings.

1985-1990     N Z SynFuel
Analyzed process data and maintenance records immediately after steam-gas reformer total tube failure.
Determined difference between steam flow meter recalibration by Maintenance and calibration in plant DCS differed by factor of 4. Presented the lessons learned at the 1990 AIChE Loss Prevention Conference.  Provided drawings and data to government agency audits of noise and wastewater discharge, then reviewed their findings and conclusions with them prior to them issuing a formal report.