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PROFILE: Information
System Architecture,
Function & Execution

See also information technology experience organized under OpCos, EPC/Consulting, Federal Government
Bob lead development & selection of information systems architecture & functionality in a variety of application areas:
✦ Global Collaboration Project Manager for Best Practices application for Mobil - first HSE, then all divisions
✦ Agency Collaboration Functionality requirements of Lotus Notes collaboration/delivery to EPA waste SMEs
✦ Spatial Data Systems System Architect for Voting Rights Redistricting: ESRI ArcGIS 8.1 Windows/Oracle-Unix
✦ Emergency Response Project Manager of video systems upgrade at EPA's Emergency Response Center, DC
✦ Process Data Systems Built mainframe-based graphical and tabular analysis of Synfuel plant data & lab results
✦ Process Data Systems Architect migrating ProMIS system: Windows/Vax to OS2/IBM for 3 European refineries
✦ Computer Aided Design Invited industry participant in reviewing functionality of IGES 1.0 specification for oil&gas
✦ Interface Coordination Wrote functional spec. to migrate Excel smart system to extranet web/server for RTIP
✦ Eng'rg Design Portal Improved layout, navigation, links in KBR portal; Excel forms selection of SI or US units
✦ U.S. Federal Governm't Active in EPA web standards committee, NAS Communities of Practice, XML standards

2012 - 2013  Wheatstone LNG Plant
Set up all the infastructure and security to support development and review of procedures, manuals, training delivery and competence assessment. Implemented Smart Procedures and EMC Document Control at Quasar Data Center, plus special rooms at Petrofac: decsision support, train/test and videoconference.

2008    Ras Tanura Integrated Project
RTIP is a grass-roots petrochemical joint venture between Dow and Saudi Aramco. Set up the smart tools to manage Interfaces between Infrastructure (pipe, civil, cables etc), Licensors, and Offsites/ Utilities/Power systems, wrote functional spec to migrate it to Web/SQL.

2004   USEPA Emergency Operations Center

Project Manager for technology upgrade of underground EOC. Upgraded and added large plasma displays in the video-wall room, added same equipment plus “digital whiteboarding” in small breakout rooms. Also set up 10-way Video-over-IP videoconferencing with access from any EPA region, to current real-time satellite or aerial sensors.

2004   Communities of Practice and XML

Monthly National Academy of Sciences workgroups establishing collaboration portals for CoP. Active in OASIS e-Gov,, open standard XML Processing

2000-2003   Geospatial Information Systems
Systems Architect for GIS-Oracle redistricting application for DOJ Civil Rights. Developed master-plans for GIS Center of Excellence, participated in functionality review of FDC Geospatial OneStop and Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

1999-2000    Voting Rights Redistricting

Together with ESRI Consulting, was implementation contractor System Architect for re-design DOJ's Redistricting Analysis tools for Census 2000. This upgraded a decade-old Unix system to Microsoft end, providing dockable windows for graphs, tables and maps.

1998-1999   EPA Work Assignment Collaboration

Internal DynCorp consultant on creation of Lotus Notes collaboration databases for use with EPA subject matter experts and EPA task managers on scheduling, draft documents, approval cycle, public release. Advisor to EPA’s web standards committee on tools and techniques to standardize 800+ “content providers”.

1996-1998    Mobil Global HSE Best Practices

For Mobil’s consolidation of shared services across business units, proposed GENIE “Global EHS Network Information Enabler”. Appointed as “GENIE” Project Manager and setup best-practice sharing across 9 HSE areas. 2nd release, added automated email notification  7 calendaring. Trained global regions to use GENIE.

1987-1990   N.Z. SynFuel Technical Supervisor

Took over New Zealand’s first dual-screen Intergraph system from Bechtel with 25,000 CAD drawings to maintain. Role including supervising a Technical Library. Setup “InterLoan” with other petrochemical/oil & gas technical libraries. Managed an IBM 4361 with GDDM graphics, developed process reports and trending minute/hourly/shift/daily values. These tools were used to diagnose the root cause of a $20 million steam/gas reformer tube failure.