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PROFILE: Best Practices for HSE Mgmt. Systems

Process Safety in Oil& Gas
In March 2016 Bob presented a 45-minute session of slides plus Q & A about "A Global Perspective on Process Safety Regs" at a conference in Houston by Energy Conference Network

Mobil Global Services
In 1995 Mobil Oil Corporation consolidated services groups across E&P, Transportation, Refining, Chemicals, and Distribution division. These include IT, Medical, Legal, Accounting, EHS etc - a total of 11 functions.

EHS Management Systems
Bob was assigned to the Executive team for EHS functionality. One key issue to address was inconsistency and incompleteness in EHS
Management Systems. In addition, some international groups used British Standards, others ISO14000 series, and most in the USA used a mix of industry voluntary standards. Bob's team aligned all of them into a single, 52-element, EHS Management System

Mobil Global EHS Best Practices
From 1995-1998 Bob was Project Manager of Mobil Corporation's GENIE Global EHS Network Info. Enabler.  Bob defined nine core functionalities to be supported by "GENIE", and contracted skilled developers to write the GENIE framework and modules, starting with "Issues Management". GENIE architecture then became the model for "BestNet" for doing Best Practice "knowledge sharing" across all of Mobil, continued on within ExxonMobil.

InterAgency Communities of Practice
While working in Washington DC  from 1998 until 2005 Bob was active in federal collaboration with several intergovernmental communities in regular monthly "Collaborative Expedition Workshop" at NSF and ensuing Communities of Practice supported by a Portal, Wiki, Community Forum & Repository.

Knowledge Management White Paper
GENIE project work resulted in being an invited "collaborative solutions" presenter at LotuSphere 1998, and was published by Benchmarking Partners as a white paper, entitled "Knowledge Management Across the Global Manufacturing Network using Lotus Notes & Domino"