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PROFILE: Info. Mgm't,
CAD and GIS Projects
2012 - Now    Chevron Wheatstone
Transferred from UAE to Houston to be Information Management lead for Training & Procedures. Secure project floor using "SmartProcedures" for document creation, review and edit; EPFM for document control; and virtual desktop at Quasar Data Center. Also setup SmartPlantReview for 3D models and Primavera for project control.

2012    TOTAL Shetland Gas Plant

Reviewed Information Management procedures on the project which had two separate document management systems. Helped architect and develop a project website that made current documents and status updates available to all project sites (Sharjah, Mumbai, Kuwait and Shetland).

2010  TurkmenGazSouth Yoloten Gas Field
Developed project-specific field map with risk zones, land allocation. Integrated high-resolution satellite imagery and DEM files, Garmin GPS routes, field surveys

2009   Borger Gasoline Benzene Reduction
Responsible for closeout of process and systems documents, with assigned project number, initialed as checked and approved. Managed staging from “Documentum Working” to “Documentum Release” cabinet for client access. Used AutoVue plug-in to annotate vendor drawings in the review cycle before Issue for Construction.

2008    Ras Tanura Integrated Project
Developed RTIP’s “Interface Register”, initially done in Excel, to document agreed size and type of interfaces between process units. Interfaces included piping, civil, structural, electrical and signals. Also developed the functional spec for a global Web-Oracle implementation to manage interfaces between KBR, third-party licensors and Dow/Saudi Aramco

2007    Marathon Garyville Expansion
Used Fluor’s “Project On-Line” to manage versioned Systems design FEED documents between three EPC firms.

2006    Giant Yorktown Gasoline Desulphurization
Responsible for the full document vendor life=cycle for Offsites & Utilities. This used Documentum’s  work-flow from Requisition -> Procurement Inquiry  -> Tech. Bid Review >- Purchase Award ->Vendor doc. review & comment.

2005    BP Cherry Point CXHO Expansion Study
Setup remote T-1 data link from the refinery to EPC firm. Used dedicated PCs to retrieve analyze a full year’s process data in each unit to baseline current operation. This was used in our debottle-necking studies against parameters of the new/modified process technologies,  and flagged the constraint equipment in each unit at new design conditions

2004    USEPA Emergency Operations Center
Project Manager for technology upgrade of underground EOC. Upgraded and added large plasma displays in the video-wall room, added same equipment plus “digital whiteboarding” in small breakout rooms. Also set up 10-way Video-over-IP videoconferencing with access from any EPA region, to current real-time satellite or aerial sensors.

2004   Communities of Practice and  XML
Monthly participant in National Academy of Sciences workgroups establishing collaboration portals for CoP. Also active in OASIS e-Gov,, open standard XML Processing,

2000-2003  Geospatial Information Systems
Systems Architect for GIS-Oracle redistricting application for DOJ Civil Rights. Developed masterplans for GIS Center of Excellence, participated in functionality review of FDC Geospatial OneStop and Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

1998-1999   EPA Work Assignment Collaboration
Internal DynCorp consultant on creation of Lotus Notes collaboration databases for use with EPA subject matter experts and EPA task managers on scheduling, draft documents, approval cycle and release for public purpose. Advisor to EPA’s web standards committee on tools and techniques to standardize 800+ “content providers”.

1996-1998    Mobil Global HSE Best Practices
As part of Mobil’s consolidation of 11 shared services across business units, I proposed GENIE: “Global EHS Network Information Enabler”. Appointed “GENIE” Project Manager and setup best-practice sharing across 9 HSE areas. In 2nd release, added automated email notification and calendaring. Trained global regions to use GENIE.

1987-1990   N.Z. SynFuel Technical Supervisor
Took over New Zealand’s first dual-screen Intergraph system from Bechtel with 25,000 CAD drawings to maintain. Role including supervising a Technical Library. Setup “InterLoan” with other petrochem/oil & gas technical libraries.

Managed IBM 4361 with GDDM graphics, developed process reports and trending minute/hourly/shift/daily values. These tools were used to diagnose the root cause of a $20 million steam/gas reformer failure.