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PROFILE: Process Data
Analysis with "Fox 1/A" and "PI" Historian
2014    Chevron Wheatstone
Supporting Chevron in reviewing "Facilities Engineering Database" for completeness across all onshore LNG process and utility units. Also reviewed Alarm Rationalization results.

1995    Mobil Torrance Refinery
Implemented, calibrated and tested CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems) for Torrance Refinery during startup after a planned turnaround. Established parameters for sensor validation, false readings, duration for NOV, and instituted a 15-minute time limit for reporting whether real or not. Later audited the refinery emissions report.

1992    Mobil Research & Development
Team leader building real-time “Process Advisories” for Mobil refineries world-wide. Diagnostic and self-adjusting tools, using 1-minute values from “PI” data historian, process analyzer readings, LIMS data from lab.

1985    New Zealand Synthetic Fuels
$1.2 billion Natural Gas-to-Methanol- Synthetic Gasoline project using ICI’s methanol reactors and Mobil’s ZSM-5 catalysis. Conducted full-scale testing of all O&U units during commissioning, part of commissioning acceptance tests from Bechtel. Included CTI testing of 300m long cooling tower, Air Products Liquid Nitrogen cryo plant, site dewatering, treating raw river water intake from clarification through demin. to RO for BFW.

After startup, stayed on five more years as Technical Department supervisor for operations support. Developed process diagnostics with graphic displays on mainframe terminals for process unit engineers to troubleshoot yield, efficiency and/or quality issues from Fox 1/A data process analyzers and automated HP site lab equipment.

1978   Ergon Refining, Vicksburg, MS
After completing detailed design of a 40% capacity expansion to accommodate light and medium gravity crudes, responsible for P&ID as-builts, instrument loop checkout, set-point & alarm setting during commissioning/startup.

1972 & 1974 Gladieux Refinery, Ft. Wayne, IN
Conducted operator training on their new operator control panels, alarm panels and smarter signal transmitters.