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Highlights of Health, Safety & Env. Experience
  • Integrity review of HSE philosophies, design, environment, waste disposal & chemicals for Shetland
  • Provided client review for FEED-level HSE design followed by in-country role on TurkmenGaz project
  • Led Fire Protection, Fire & Gas Detection, Blast, Noise, Winterization for arctic oil & gas processing
  • Led fire protection, HAZOP/SIL, QRA and EIA for multi-level offshore sour gas processing platform
  • Designed oily water sewer and firewater systems for Hydrotreater & Hydrocracker at Garyville, LA
  • Specified and selected SO2 scrubbing/sulfite oxidation equipment for "S-Zorb" unit at Yorktown VA
  • Retained as subject matter expert by EPA on P.E. role/responsibility in revised SPCC rule proposal
  • Served on EPA web standards committee for HTML, cold fusion, Domino, Oracle & GIS applications
  • Evaluated and globally deployed "TapRoot" methodology for analysis of EH & S incident root causes
  • Chaired API's Storage Tank subcommittee, and provided response to proposed Refinery MACT rule
  • Worked on technical improvements to "TANKS" 3.0 software, working with EPA's code developers
  • Evaluated Environmental Management software and Fugitive Monitoring systems at two Mobil refineries
  • Worked with Mobil refinery staff on tools to analyze signals from "CEM" systems to prevent false alarms
  • Co-chaired Mobil R&D Corporation’s internal process environmental research, and collaborative research with PERF (Petroleum Environmental Research Forum) on viable and economic process modifications for reducing environment, health and ecological impacts
  • Chaired PERF Refinery Discussion group R&D selections, and technology reviews at quarterly meetings
  • Managed 10-company demo project on process/treatment options to reduce crude desalter emulsions (PERF Project # 91-14), economic analyses for technology selection case studies
  • Chaired $6 million, 3-year DOE / UCLA / Industry research on "Toxic Combustion Byproducts", PERF Project 92-19. Final report formed a multi-industry basis for Clean Air Act proposals
  • Managed study " Electronic Exchange of Environmental Compliance Information: A Proposed Approach"
  • Produced seminar workbook & custom full-text indexed search, on Refinery air quality MACT rules (Maximum Attainable Control Technology) for joint API/EPA workshops (API Pub. 335)
  • Built ecological soil screening levels extranet with multi-agency, multi-nation & industry workgroups
  • Technology assessment member on Colorado Gov.'s committee to mitigate electronic industry wastes
  • Designed wastewater treatment plants, bulk liquid handling & refrigerated storage chemical terminals and docks, specialty drumming facilities, ILTA-member terminal master plans
  • Conducted technical environmental audits for clients, and specialty studies for Texas Air Control Board
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