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HSE:  Upstream and
Downstream Design

2014   Chevron Wheatstone
Extended philosophy for Alarm Rationalization and Management to include responsibility for non-process alarms from site buildings e.g. workshop, warehouse, substations, admin. building, control room support systems; also power management alarms

2011–2012   TOTAL Shetland Gas Plant
Responsible for technical evaluation of MEG plant for salts removal, and wastewater plant design. This Integrity Assurance role included Technical Bid Evaluation and CapEx/Opex

2009–2010   TurkmenGaz South Yoloten Gas Field

PMC role from UAE on FEED-stage HSE Design done in the UK - then five months in-country between FEED and EPC as Interface Engineer with client, Chinese and Korean EPC.

2008–2009    Borger Gasoline Benzene Reduction
Systems Area Lead for multiple units, including major heat integration for distillation areas. Responsibilities included incorporating PHA into IFD release, integrating with LOPA/SIL decisions,  “Management of Change” through to IFC.

2008    ExxonMobil Odoptu DevelopmentSakhalin
HSE lead for oil& gas processing, produced water re-injection & pipeline. Conducted studies in pre-FEED optimization for fire protection, fire & gas detection, HVAC, Blast, Noise, RAM and Winterization. Responsible for closing PHA action items from HAZOP, detailed design & procurement of fire protection systems, fire and gas detection systems.
Had lead role in 3D-model review for fire engine access, employee escape routes, blast panels and P.A. locations.

2007    ADMA-OpCo HAP platform, Umm Schaif Field
Lead for all HSE deliverables on gas processing platform for sour, wet natural gas. Supervised third-part contracts for HSEIA, QRA, HAZOP and SIL. Worked closely with PMC on strategy for fire protection, hazard detection, SIL.

2007    Marathon Garyville Major Expansion

Did the sizing and hydraulics for unit-level OWS system capacity to handle equipment loss of containment plus 10-year rain storm.
Worked on 3D model for underground to ensure no conflicts with storm sewer or fire main.

2006    Giant Refinery, Yorktown, VA
Ran “FlareNet” model for extension of new 18” flare header into existing 24” to flare knockout, and a case study for their coldest day to ensure no condensation in event of a C4/C5 mix release to flare from loss of column reflux.

2005-2006   BP Refinery, Cherry Point, WA

In process study for Canadian extra heavy crude oil,  used “PI” historian to establish annual mean, maximum and seasonal variations. Evaluated existing flares for new/modified units, demonstrated a third flare would be required.

1998-2005    Environmental Protection Agency
Supported Work Assignment Managers in EPA Oil Spill program on mitigation options for storage systems.
Was expert reviewer of SPCC technical guidance to P.E’s and updated “Lessons Learned” in Gas STAR program.

1993-1995    Mobil R&D Corporation
Chaired API’s Refinery MACT subcommittee for storage tanks, on external seal/internal floater design options.. Also developed API’s two-day training materials on Refinery MACT. As industry rep to EPA’s Emission Inventory Improvement Program worked with developer of “TANKS” software to extend its capability to more tank designs.

1977–1981    PetroUnited Terminals, Bayport & Texas City
Master-planning & Permits for specialty chemical storage, marine load/unload, design of wastewater treatment.

1976–1978    Intercontinental Terminals, Deer Park
•    Treatment of dilute chemical wastewater with large equalization pond and a trickling filter
•    Developed emissions inventory software for entire tank farm, marine, rail & truck loading