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Process Scope,
Selection, FEED

2011-2012   TOTAL Shetland Gas Plant

As part of FEED verification, reviewed the ESIA reports for elements of the Decision Diary that would need updating, and Commitments Register for elements that needed developing in detail. Also did gap analysis on the Contract and advised Project Director/Engineering Manager of items needing attention, principally Environmental responsibilities.

2009    Ras Tanura Integrated Project

Provided interface logic between licensed technology scoping and infrastructure: piping, civil, electrical & signals.  Developed smart tools to manage interfaces in Visio/Excel, then developed functional specification for web/Oracle.

2007   ExxonMobil Odoptu First Stage Processing
In pre-FEED phase for this arctic onshore oil& gas processing facility, authored all HSE Philosophies and Studies: Fire Protection, Fire & Gas Detection w/HVAC, Blast,  
Noise, Winterization, HSE input into Modularization study. Also supervised contractor doing RAM study to resolve N+1 for electric power, well re-injection, compressor spare.

Subsequently in FEED, was HSE lead developing fire protection systems plus fire/gas detection & alarm systems. Oversaw the HAZOP and SIL effort, and managed tracking/closure of all action items arising from identified risks.

2006    ADMA-OpCo Habshan Alpha Platform
Made selections for fire protection, fire & gas detection, temporary refuge, emergency egress and fireproofing type. Participated in 3-D model review of access, egress, F&G detectors. Developed and managed all HSE third-party contracts for HSEIA, QRA, HAZOP, SIL.
Participated in identification of project risk, verification of all HSE risks.

2005    BP Cherry Point Canadian eXtra Heavy Oil
Team member evaluating current 250,000 bpsd vs. potential expansion via dock or pipeline.
 Updated refinery-wide steam, fuel and water balances using process historian data. Did requirements for new "Merchant" hydrogen plants to produce high-purity H2 via steam-reforming of butanes plus PSA, with option to export steam. De-bottlenecking study of the Coker unit's capacity with constraint of minimum cycle time, plus sulfur and metals to meet anode-grade spec.

1987-1990     N.Z SynFuels Reformer Stoichiometry
Ran ASPEN simulation studies on impact of mixing new high-CO2 content natural gas with pipeline natural gas to optimize composition of feed to twin 1,000 tpd steam reformers to meet required stoichiometry for methanol. Performed ACSL dynamic simulation to determine alarm settings, feed-forward control setting for pipeline mixing station. Subsequently implemented the process advisory alarm system in the Fox 1/A process computer system.

1982-1985     University of Auckland, ChE Courses
Taught Junior-level course in “Process Analysis & Synthesis”, covering process selection & life-cycle economics.

Taught Senior-level “Process Design” course/studio to develop Process Flow Diagrams, Heat & Material Balances, size major equipment, propose control schema, screening-level Safety Analysis, teams present their completed project to Department Faculty.