Experience of Robert D. ("Bob") Andrew

A strong track record as a persuasive and eloquent change agent who improves performance, getting organization-wide results
✦ Extensive experience in leading scoping studies, performing design of refineries, petrochem. plants, oil & gas, storage facilities
✦ Skilled in process, safety, utility, environ. design, HSE Mgmt Systems & global technology-sharing "Communities of Practice"
✦ Refinery revamp experience using "design-to-capacity", "value improving practices" and "stage-gated design" methodologies
✦ Initiated corporate standards for third-party contract HSE services in Process Hazard Analysis, Quantitative Risk & Reliability
✦ Skilled in doing Process Scoping studies, FEED packages & detailed engineering FEL-3 phase of Process and HSE engineering
✦ Supervisory experience includes plant unit engineers, advanced process optimization specialists, CAD and database developers
✦ Construction phase roles include logistics, equipment checkout, commissioning of units and systems, and startup shift support
✦ Taught chemical and materials engineering Process Analysis and Design in NZ, later faculty advisor at several US universities
✦ Operations simulator for plant control dynamics, mentored control room staff at startups, and did major debottlenecking studies

Technical Editor (2018- 2019) 
➢ Managed “Construction Boxscore” database and coordinated information updates by four-person research team in India
➢ Supported “Energy Web Atlas” content for Gas Processing and planned migration of refining and petrochemical projects

Technical Editor (2016 - 2018) 
➢ Select technical articles for publication in monthly Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and bi-monthly Gas Processing News
➢ Author regular columns: Innovations in Hydrocarbon Processing, New in Gas Processing Technology, Gas Processing News
➢ Advise on themes for several annual company conferences, review submitted abstracts, recommend which to get presented

Subject Matter Expert - Process 
Wheatstone LNG Plant (2012 - 2016)
➢ Set up information management systems for workflow, smart document creation & review, training development & delivery
➢ Designed and oversaw installation of special-purpose rooms: decision support, training/testing, and videoconferencing
➢ Used expertise in database systems to extract current equipment and instrument information for procedures development
➢ Review and update process-related content of all Manuals, Procedures and Work Instructions for Production Technicians
➢ Ensure PHA-related issues requiring operator intervention included into Procedures, tabulated in Unit Manuals for MOC
➢ Review latest EPC and Vendor info, ensure relevant updates get incorporated in all Training and Procedures deliverables

Knowledge Trustee, "Technology @ Petrofac" (2010 - 2012)
Codeveloped functional requirements for global technology intranet: 70+ moderated topics involving nominated SMEs, TAs
(Technical Authorities), graduate hires. Traveled to major global offices in Petrofac for initial rollout and SME engagement

Technical Specialist: HSE Design & Integrity Assurance (2009 - 2012)
Shetland Gas Project - Total UK, Aberdeen
➢ Integrity Lead for design through early construction of the onshore gas processing plant for "Laggan-Tormore" offshore
➢ Subject Matter Expert (Technical Authority) for treatment and disposition of process waste per Best Available Techniques

South Yoloten Gas Field Project
- TurkmenGaz, Turkmenistan

➢ As internal PMC, directed HSE Design for FEED by Petrofac Woking, plus input & review of EIA contractor RSK (UK)
➢ Assigned "Technical Issues Coordinator" in-country for TurkmenGaz in Shatlyk, with weekly status updates & feedback
➢ In-country interfaces with GOG, HEC and CNPC: others in same giant field doing drilling, CPF & full field development
➢ Managed mapping & land allocation strategy, including river crossing strategy to optimize cost: line length vs. location

Process Technical Advisor (2008 - 2009)
Revised department Systems Engineering Excel data sheets to enable US or Metric units, plus smart validation of data entry
Updated Process Development department intranet website to deal with migration of Technologies to a separate department

Gasoline Benzene Reduction Project - ConocoPhillips, Borger TX
Project revamp scope encompassed distillation heat integration plus hydrogenation of aromatics to reduce percentage of benzene
Assigned mid-way into detailed design, took over getting P&IDs "Issued for Design" through to closure of all PHA Action Items:
➢ Ensured Safety Integrity Level (SIL) review decisions were executed for impacted instrumentation, control and valve systems
➢ Appointed Systems lead of the "Issue for Construction" phase for distillation area, naphtha hydrodesulphurization, tank-farm
➢ Responsible for Management of Change after IFD, quality assurance of Systems calculations and project closeout documents
➢ Facilitated bringing engineering inter-discipline inconsistencies to closure, still ensuring a safe, operable and efficient design

Ras Tanura Integrated Project
~$20 billion Dow/Aramco, Saudi Arabia JV
➢ Assigned as "Interface Coordinator" between licensed process technology units & project supporting infrastructure areas
➢ Participated in technology reviews for ethylene oxide, ethanolamines, salt solution mining, chlor-alkali, flares/incinerators
➢ Overlaid process scoping diagrams with all their utility streams, emissions and waste streams, consistently across all units
➢ Defined all physical interfaces: steel, pipe, cable, roads between unit areas and utilities, infrastructure, power and off-sites
➢ Developed smart software tools to validate, filter and auto-summarize date entry for interfaces between RTIP and licensors

HSE Design Principal
(2007 - 2008)
Established global corporate sub-contract standards on day-rate services for expert staff of 3rd-party HSE services companies
Developed template scopes to access HAZID, QRA, HSE Impact Assessment, RAM, SIL and HAZOP services upon request
As a senior lead, advised department manager on staff skill mix needed to assign to project taskforces, and recruited new staff

Odoptu First Stage Processing Project - ExxonMobil, Sakhalin, Russia
➢ Led the HSE team for emergency shutdown, fire and gas detection, fire protection, reliability, process area access and egress
➢ Used "Fine Mist" systems for fire suppression in process modules, water storage in adjacent heated process module buildings
➢ Achieved approval for alternative insulation (foam-in-place between metal panels) for prefabricated modules shipped to site
➢ Authored HSE optimization Studies pre-FEED, addressing frozen climate issues e.g. enclosed process modules, fire-fighting
➢ Authored Philosophies and Management Plans for HSE, advised Site HSE Manager on his corresponding construction Plans
➢ Used knowledge of international codes to review Russian standards/codes, ensured project Alternative Designs got approval
➢ Managed third-party subcontracts for HAZOP, Reliability/Availability/Maintainability, blast and noise prediction/mitigation

Habshan Alpha Platform Project- ADMA-OpCo, Umm Schaif Field
➢ Took over as HSE lead on FEED for a sour gas processing platform needing a major design change from three levels to four
➢ Evaluated safety aspects of the revised 3D model, developed HSE design path for equipment, structure & personnel protection
➢ Set up and managed third-party contracts for consequence modeling & HSE impact assessments with firms in the UK & USA
➢ Managed sizing and specs for deluge & monitors, fireproofing, gas & flame detection, emergency shelters and escape systems
➢ Ensured full Safety Case documentation met scrutiny of independent European verification firm plus PMC HSE rep at KBR

Process Engineering Manager (
2006 - 2007 contract)

Refinery Major Expansion - Marathon, Garyville LA
➢ Responsible for validating Fluor's FEED package, managed QA of detailed P&IDs in Hydrocracker and Kero Hydrotreater units
➢ Developed 3D geometry of gravity process water/rain sewers and firewater mains, ensured no conflict with lines or foundations
➢ Specified systems conditions for "Specialty Engineered Items" data sheets within Hydrocracker and Kerosene Hydrotreater units
➢ Ensured equipment data was consistent with P&IDs and Data Sheets, for all compressors, exchangers, heaters, pumps & vessels
➢ Provided HSE expertise in 3D model reviews of equipment plan, personnel access, location of safety sensors and fire protection

Gasoline Desulphurization Project - Giant Industries, Yorktown VA
➢ Performed design & procurement technical review for systems outside process unit: SO2 scrubber/oxidation and cooling water
➢ Prepared data sheets and requirements in materials selection, performance, commissioning and warranties for package systems
➢ Developed process control strategies, storage sizing & transfer requirements for gasoline desulphurization unit feed & products
➢ Facilitated HAZOP workshops of detailed P&IDs for "S-Zorb" technology for process unit plus supporting offsites and utilities

Senior Process Engineer
(2005 - 2006 contract)

Canadian eXtra Heavy Oil Study - BP, Cherry Point WA
➢ Developed technology selection and equipment sizes for FEL2 "Select" phase on crude oils alternative to Alaskan North Slope
➢ Analyzed options for sustaining Coker and Calciner throughput, whilst still meeting constraints on metals for anode-grade coke
➢ Developed complete specifications and licensing requirements for new "Merchant Hydrogen" unit to be co-located onsite at BP
➢ Fully implemented remote access to BP's online process and laboratory data, used to establish current baseline for case studies

Technical Consultant
(1988 - 2005)
Provided expertise as a Professional Engineer, experienced building complex systems, to EPA, OSHA, other federal agencies:
Worked initially as an internal consultant, advising Dyncorp's Task Order managers about technical options for compliance

EPA Emergency Operations Center Upgrade (2004)
➢ Managed technology upgrade of EOC videoconferencing, data communication mapping visualization & decision support tools
➢ Met mandated schedule for upgrade/remodel installation during a two-week shut-down window between Presidential primaries
➢ Expanded capability to view real-time video, satellite surveillance, automated aerial imagery updates, interagency info. sharing
➢ Tested & proved EOC capability to do 10-way video-conferencing, supported by electronic white-boarding in breakout rooms

EPA Oil Program Support (2002 - 2005)
➢ Developed mapping database intranet system for all fuel storage tank-farms in U.S. for use in spill containment, DHS response
➢ Principal reviewer of the responsibilities of a P.E. in EPA's update of Spill, Prevention, Control & Countermeasure program

DOE Long-Terms Stewardship (2002)
➢ Consolidated CAD and GIS spatial information on 137 former nuclear weapons sites for the LTS "Report to U.S. Congress"
➢ Resulting maps were posted online (but after terrorist events of 9/11/2001 were kept only on CD, at White House's request)

DOJ Redistricting Software (2000 - 2001)
➢ System Architect for geospatial analysis tools for Voting Rights redistricting analysis using Census 2000 race data percentages
➢ Presented key features of capability to minimize gerrymandering with docked windows presenting map, race data and graphs

State Dept Nuclear Non-Proliferation(2000)
➢ In Moscow and Kiev met with Science & Technology Centres devoted to non-weapons  by ~ 30,000 former weapon makers
➢ Persuaded both centres to transmit progress & spending reports via clear ASCII text: avoid concerns on data being "bugged"
➢ CSC specialists then put this data into an SQL database on a server in the DMZ between external internet and State's intranet

Superfund Program Support (1998 - 2000)
➢ Managed Lotus Notes, Web and Oracle application development staff for Superfund, Brownfields and Oil Spill assignments
➢ Provided Subject Matter guidance to CSC's Work Assignment Managers for EPA contracts; built OSHA "Expert Systems"

Mobil Global Professional Services
, Fairfax VA (1995 - 1998)
Environment, Health & Safety

➢  Defined EHS Management System framework across E&P, Transportation, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil and Gas
➢  Project Manager of GENIE "Global EHS Network Information Enabler" a global "best practices" network of specialist teams
➢  Supervised nine-person team of developers, two paralegals for daily content update and deployed GENIE on four continents
➢  Selected for a published review by BenchMarking Partners, and presented at international "LotuSphere" conference in 1998
➢  Prototyped expansion to "BestNet" for Mobil's Best Practices for over 100 subject matter areas e.g. corrosion, turnarounds
➢  Trained "Korea Gas" engineers to fully understand API, ASME, ASTM, NFPA standards for safer design of LNG facilities

Mobil R&D Corp, Princeton NJ
Environmental Research & Engineering (1993 - 1995)
➢  Co-managed $20 million/year R&D budget for process measures to reduce pollution; co-wrote Refinery Water Reuse manual
➢  Led Mobil's role at quarterly P.E.R.F. meetings in collaborating with oil and power companies on shared cost R&D for HSE
➢  Active in field trials to reduce desalter emulsions, quantify refinery unit emissions, and improve fugitives monitoring systems
      Served on API committees for Refinery MACT regulations and wrote/taught MACT compliance training, together with EPA

Refining "Process Advisory" Systems
(1990 - 1992)
➢  Led team of process engineers developing optimization correlations for Mobil-licensed technologies using global refinery data
➢  Process architect implementing PROMIS "Process Management Information Systems" for three of Mobil's European refineries

New Zealand Synthetic Fuels Corp, Motonui NZ (1985 - 1990)
Initially did acceptance startup tests of all non-process units from Bechtel, working with senior Mobil R&D Corp Facilities Eng'r

Methanol Plant Debottlenecking
➢  Applied case studies of large ASPEN model of natural gas reforming & methanol synthesis to identify bottle-necks
➢  Prioritized bringing in second, high-CO2 content pipeline to increase production 9% with stoichiometric mixed feed gas
➢  Developed pipeline transient monitoring system for Fox 1/A system as advance warning for feed & fuel control systems
➢  Presented Prevention of Reformer Overfiring During Startup, AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium, San Diego, 1990

Process MIS & LIMS
➢  Setup graphic monitoring of process conditions by setting up color schematics with updating values from "Fox 1/A"
➢  Developed technical applications on "IBM 4361" mainframe with GDDM graphics and SQL/DS relational database
➢  Worked with process engineers to identify and develop the schematics, daily reports and trend analysis for each unit
➢  Integrated lab data by direct connection to HP analyzers, and setting up lab tags for all routine wet chemistry results

➢  Installed the first large twin-screen Intergraph system in N.Z., used it to manage over 18,000 drawings from Bechtel
➢  Accredited N.Z. Synfuel Library for Interloan between technical libraries, maintained Technical Standards repository

University of Auckland, Auckland NZ (1983 - 1985)
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Chem. & Materials Eng'rg.

Process Analysis and Synthesis

➢  Developed and delivered materials from 10-years design, consulting and startup experience in Gulf Coast of the USA
➢  Developed a categorized list of 1,000 published references in process design and taught students how to access them
➢  Developed software in FORTRAN and BASIC for execution on six dedicated workstations in purpose-created room

Process Design Project
Rather than all students doing the same project, each team was given their own industry sector process plant to design:
Examples of plants chosen were all relevant to N.Z.'s resources: e.g. aluminum from alumina, phosphate fertilizer, dairy
milk processing, oil & gas processing, steel by electric furnace from ironsands, glass-making, brewing, cement-making

Over the academic year, teams of four had to produce Process Flow Diagrams, Heat and Material Balance, size all major
equipment, propose control schema, do screening-level Hazard Analysis, present their project to the C&M Dept. Faculty.

Had each team of four choose their own lead person to coordinate the division of tasks. I met weekly with just their leads,
in order to make them accountable to gather questions, but accompanying lectures & tests I gave were for the whole class

Forster-Morrell Engineering,Colorado Springs, CO (1982 - 1983)
Senior Process Engineer

Energy Conservation for DOE Rocky Flats
➢  Gathered data about facility building HVAC designs, data on process unit energy consumption, steam, power, CW
➢  Developed BASIC program analysis tools on PDP-8, using ASHRAE handbook as approved calculation methods
➢  Prepared reports showing potential energy savings, in MMBTU, kW, gallons plus $/year, retrofit cost estimates

Alternatives for Electronic Industries Wastes
➢  Developed an options paper for State of Colorado, presented it to the Colorado House State Affairs committee
➢  Incineration system for electroplating solvent waste streams and vitrification system for heavy metals residue
➢  Opportunity for regional waste processing firm

PetroMAS Engineering Services, Friendswood TX(1974-1981)
Process Engineer & Information Technology Supervisor

Three Refinery Revamp Projects
Performed simulations, process equipment and line specs, P&IDs, Heat & Material Balances;
during each startup did control loop commissioning and control room panel operator training

Jet Fuel for Gladieux Refinery (1974 - 1975)
➢  Crude column and Merox treater upgrade to meet military JP-4 specifications for Indiana Air National Guard

Expansion of Gladieux Refinery (1976 - 1977)
➢  Design/startup of modifications under "Old Oil/New Oil" pricing to handle broad crude range from 26° to 38° API
➢  Used split overhead fin-fan condensers plus steam coils to cover wide range of overhead vapor traffic requirements
➢  Process assessment of impact on crude column, overhead systems, pumparounds, with switch from sweet light crude

Expansion of Ergon Refinery (1978 - 1980)
➢  Process design and startup of major expansion to 25,000 BPSD of Ergon Refining's Vicksburg, Mississippi refinery
➢  R&D on stable "coal-oil mixture" technology to pipeline coal suspended in residual oil to Mississippi Power & Light

Merichem Cresylics Springing
➢  Did process study on switching weak Lewis acid gas used to "spring" cresylics from H2S to CO2: driven by safety
➢  Gathered plant data onsite for development of alternate PFD & material balance with switch from H2S to safer CO2
➢  Automated stoichiometric material balance flow-sheet case study calculations in BASIC to include recycle streams

Aspartame Precursors
This pilot plant project was conducted in absolute secrecy: only our boss knew the actual names of client, or ingredients, or
the intermediate products! Because of global competition, PPG split production-scale pilot stages across several firms/sites
We did process design using just Component "A", "B" etc with all reaction, physical, and transport properties provided

Environmental Audits
Under contract to State of Texas Air Control Board, analyzed point emissions from aluminum pot-lines, kraft paper mills,
fertilizer plants. Compared fence-line calculated emissions to state field data, developed mass balances on point sources
Performed annual environmental audits for our four ILTA clients, advising them of best practice opportunities to improve

Wastewater Treatment
Petrochemical storage tank wastewaters vary significantly in their composition as different product tanks are washed out
Developed biological treatment systems characterized by long retention for slow-degradation kinetics, choice of trickle filter
or activated sludge, and planting bull-rushes in serpentine channel ditches for polishing residual heavy metals

Emissions Inventories
Using BASIC (pre-PC days) developed point-source emission calculation software based on EPA "TANKS" & "AP-42",
including summary tabulating emissions for all tanks. Capability to quickly switch products, re-compute entire emissions

■  B.E. (Honours) in Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Auckland, N.Z.
■  Two years towards Ph.D. in "Expert Systems in Steelmaking" University of Auckland

✦  Registered Professional Engineer, Texas (1983)
✦  Member, Institute of Professional Engineers, NZ

✦  Appointed as Texas VAC (Volunteer Alumni Coordinator) for the University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2016
✦  Advisor to Rice University's Chemical Engineering department for re-accrediting of design curriculum, 2008
✦  Co-developed complete two-year curriculum for new Professional MS at American University, DC 2002-2004
✦  Trained in ArcGIS; taught "Introduction to Planning" & "Advanced GIS" at Western Washington U. in 2006

✦  Member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 2016
✦  Member of the International Society of Automation (ISA), 2014
✦  Sponsored into American Society of Safety Engineers-MEC, 2009
✦  Member of NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association, 2007
✦  Invited member of "Society of Industrial Leaders" refining sector
✦  IChemE member from 1983 - 1990, while working in New Zealand
✦  Member of AIChE from 1977 - 1983, then 1990 upon return to US

■  "Implementing ArcGIS 8.1 for Redistricting" ESRI International User Conference, July 2001
■  "Mobil Refines its EHS Regulatory Practices with Notes" R. D. Andrew and R. W. Esser
     "Streamline" News for Manufacturing, Summer 1998, Wellesley Information Services
■   "Knowledge Management Across the Global Manufacturing Network using Lotus Notes & Domino"
     Benchmarking Partners for Lotus "Collaborative Solutions for Manufacturing"
■  API Publication 335, "Refinery MACT Workshop" for the American Petroleum Institute with
     US EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. 23-24 October 1995, Orlando, Florida
■  "Emission Inventory Applications of Refinery Stream Speciation Data", October 1995 for
      AWMA Specialty Conference, Raleigh, NC and "Hydrocarbon Processing" August 1997
■  "Toxic Combustion Byproducts", PERF Project 92-19 (Bob Andrew and Jim Seebold)
      (members only - all PERF reports archived at Texas A&M Process Safety Center)
■   API Publication 4630, "Electronic Exchange of Environmental Compliance Information:
      A Proposed Approach"
, August 1995. (Bob Andrew - Mobil and John Grisinger - Radian)
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■    "Kinetic Model of Steel Refining for a Batch Process" R. D. Andrew and G. A. Wright,
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Professional and personal references available upon request